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UGC 27361
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Prix d'origine €2,034.00
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Modular Sofa Suhl, Green Color, Contemporary Style. Made Of Velvet, Combined with Foam and Polyester.
Length: 106 cm, Width: 88 cm, Height: 84 cm


  • Color: Green
  • Style: Concept
  • Series: S.Shul
  • Material: Velvet, Foam
  • Weight: 20.1 kg
  • Compatible with 6 modules makes a semicircle of 6,48 mts
  • Legs dimensions: 5X5X4 cm
  • Seat size: 80X62 cm
  • Height floor to seat: 39 cm
  • Backrest size: 93X47 cm
  • Supported Weight: 300 kg
  • Availability: 1 Unit

Indulge in the luxurious comfort of the Suhl Modular Sofa, a masterpiece of Contemporary design. Its striking green color instantly adds warmth and vibrancy to any space. Meticulously crafted, this sofa features a plush velvet upholstery that invites you to sink in and relax. The combination of foam and polyester ensures optimal support and durability, making it perfect for both lounging and entertaining. With its modular design, you have the flexibility to create the perfect seating arrangement to suit your needs. Transform your living area into a stylish haven with the Suhl Modular Sofa, a true embodiment of comfort and elegance.

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