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Mirror BAHIRI, Grey Color, Nordic Style. Made Of Rope, Combined with Shell and Mirror.
Length: 80 cm, Width: 6 cm, Height: 100 cm

  • Brands: vicalconcept
  • Material: Rope, Shell, Mirror
  • Color: Grey
  • Weight: 12.8 kg
  • Availability: 1 Unit

  • Introducing the BAHIRI Mirror, a sublime blend of Nordic simplicity and oceanic charm. Crafted with precision, its unique frame is woven from resilient rope, rendered in a muted grey that captures the serenity of Nordic design. This understated elegance is gracefully accentuated by delicate shells, evoking the tranquil whispers of the sea. At its core, a crystal-clear mirror reflects more than just images; it casts the quiet beauty of Scandinavian shores. The BAHIRI Mirror isn't merely a decorative accessory; it's a harmonious fusion of earth and ocean, a poetic testament to nature's craftsmanship. Elevate your space with BAHIRI, where Nordic style meets the timeless allure of the sea.

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